Our Home Designs

We believe all people are designers.

With this premise, we thought if we could gather and provide the tools to design with our experience in drawing to scale architectural features to give homeowners the confidence to imagine the spaces that they want to live in, this would be the best design service we could offer for residential design services. So this is what we are attempting to achieve with all the tools means and methods of this company.

At Our Home Design Statement

Our Home Designs should be your home designs.

You should lead the design of your home and the design of your interior spaces.

The best scenarios are that we are used as your tools and equipment to design your home and all your interior spaces.

We can help with the scale drawings and facilitate the engineering required according to your tastes and ideas to create your best dream home and minimize the natural disaster-related risks to an absolute minimum.

The new software platforms of “RoomSketcher” for your floor plans and “Sketch UP” for your Plans & Specifications allow us to work with you and your imagination as never before.

You can automatically create full 3D models of your new home with RoomSketcher software Platform, allowing as many changes to your design as you would like, until you have the perfect floor plan for your new home.

These relatively new software tools allow us to stay very flexible all the way through your home design process creating as many design variations in your floor plans as is needed to develop your best or perfect dream home floor plan design that is unique for your new home.

Our Floor Plans for your review are available in pdf files meant to ignite your imagination rather than be any real set floor plans.

We imagined some homeowners would request:

Non-boxing designs, with open floor plans of great rooms combining the kitchen, dining, and living room spaces into one great spacious room.

These rooms can have any ceiling design, with or without clear story windows with the ability to vary the ceiling and roof designs using flat type roofs, shed-type roofs, and peak type roofs or any combination of these types of roofs, thereby creating a unique look to every home design.

When using SCIP type construction it is not necessary initially to attempt to choose any finish materials for the interior ceilings or the exterior roofs.

Additionally, we thought that unlimited closets and other storage spaces should always be available.

And Kitchen and bath designs should also be as much as possible the designs of the homeowner that we help to put on paper for the development of the official Plans and Specifications that are submitted to the local Planning and Building Departments for APPROVAL to build.

At Our Home Engineering Statement

We have developed a standard “Disaster Resistant Home®” superstructure from SCIP panel type construction integrated with an engineered foundation and a steel frame structure that replaces conventional wood construction structures and allows any interior floor plan and any exterior home shape that you would like.

These superstructures are wildfire resistant exteriors intrinsically from the materials used and interior fire resistant from the required interior sprinkler systems and engineered to be earthquake resistant to minimize the disaster risks and will also save you money in energy costs and insurance costs over the lifetime of your new

Additionally there now exists a design engineering option to have ultra-wildfire protection and automatically protect even your external property exterior with fire sprinklers and large watering systems that use your swimming pool water as a water source to automatically wet down your exterior property from any approaching wildfires that threaten your grounds of a size of ¼ acre up to 1 full acre of area or more depending on how much water is in your swimming pool. These fire repression systems sense any fire with infrared cameras and heat sensors and do not require grid electricity or water pressure from your local water department to function as any disaster approaches your property.

By using SCIP type construction married to an engineered foundation and steel superstructure we are no longer limited by what conventional wood type construction is restrained to, by the standard wood dimensions and configurations on the exterior or interior of your home.

Your home design and interior design combined with 21st century engineering technologies that will minimize the risks from wildfire and earthquake events which can now be left in the past.


2141 Sq Ft Floorplans

2141 sq ft 1st and 2nd Floorplans 2D

2141 sq ft 1st and 2nd Floorplans 3D

2298 Sq Ft Floorplans

2298 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 2D

2298 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 3D

2888 Sq Ft Floorplans

2888 sq ft 1st and 2nd Floorplans 2D

2888 sq ft 1st and 2nd Floorplans 3D

2760 Sq Ft Floorplans

2760 sq ft 1st and 2nd Floorplans 2D

2760 sq ft 1st and 2nd Floorplans 3D

3576 Sq Ft Floorplans

3576 sq ft 1st Floor Plan - 2D

3576 sq ft 1st Floor Plan - 3D

3529 Sq Ft Floorplans

3529 sq ft - 1st and 2nd Floor Plans 2D

3529 sq ft - 1st and 2nd Floor Plans 3D

3066 Sq Ft Floorplans

3066 sq ft - 1st Floor - 2D Floor Plan

3066 sq ft - 1st Floor - 3D Floor Plan

6682 Sq Ft Floorplans

6682 sq ft - 1st and 2nd Floor Plans 2D

6682 sq ft - 1st and 2nd Floor Plans 3D

4808 Sq Ft Floorplans

4808 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 2D

4808 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 3D

4163 Sq Ft Floorplans

4163 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 2D

4163 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 3D

4062 Sq Ft Floorplans

4062 sq ft - 1st and 2nd Floor Plans 2D

4062 sq ft - 1st and 2nd Floor Plans 3D

3704 Sq Ft Floorplans

3704 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 2D

3704 sq ft - 1st Floor Plan - 3D